That’s Your Problem

It happens all the time.  People will make their problem – your problem.  I have had people talk about their problem with me and use that logic to try and make it my problem.  You know what I’m talking about.

The logic/conversation goes something like this.  “I have x, y, and z going on in my life so then YOU have to do a and b for me.”  Like x, y, and z is my problem.  I don’t have to do a and/or b for you because x, y, and z is not my problem – that’s your problem.

Ever have that happen to you?

I guess this is not the best picture to demonstrate this is it?

5 thoughts on “That’s Your Problem

  1. I understand if they’re trying to get you to do something for them, and using you to get their means accomplished that one would not be willing to help them, but if it is in one’s power to help, then why shouldn’t one?

    1. Amy – I’m not saying that people shouldn’t do things to help – that’s up to them. I’m just saying that people can use their problems on you – that people will expect you to do something for them because of their problems.
      I agree with you that we should help as much as we can – I just was pointing out that it happens.
      What do you think?

  2. Yup, sure have. I’ve seen people to it to my parents more than I can say, too (that happens when you are in ministry…)

    1. Elise-it does happen in ministry. It’s a part of ministry right? I’m not even saying that it’s a bad thing – just that it does happen.

  3. yeah. I think its since people in ministry represent God. Since God’s supposed to fix it, you are too! haha 🙂

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