Gaming in Your Life

Have you caught on to this idea that much of our lives have a gaming component to it? Think about every rewards thing you’ve ever signed up for or the “miles” that you get when you purchase groceries or take a flight. If you have an American Express card, you definitely know about the “points” that you “earn.” If you drive a hybrid, there will be some gauge or leaves that blossom and become more green when you drive efficiently.

All of these points, rewards, and miles are all tied into this game that you play. It makes you feel better. It also makes you feel like you’ve saved money and that you’ve won; that you’re better than your friend.

It costs nothing to give you points and all the while, you’re spending more money to get it.

I will give you a million points if you comment and 2 million points if you link to this post. Let the game begin.

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