The Culture of the Bored

I don’t remember who’s comment it was, but they had put that what they were watching was boring.  I responded that they were just bored.

In a culture filled with entertainment and distraction, we can still get so bored.  I can’t tell you how many channels I have on tv, and still sometimes I can’t find something to watch.  Or as my friend says, it’s boring.

We are bored because we have so many choices.  We are bored because we are no longer easily fascinated.  We are bored because we have shorter attentions spans.  We are bored because we choose to be.  It might be boring, but check to see that you’re not bored.

2 thoughts on “The Culture of the Bored

  1. So very true! its freaky how this affects the church, too. sadly many folks go to church to be entertained. it may not be “boring” but they are “bored”. so they move on…

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