Facebook = Identity Matrix

One of the great things about Facebook is that you can’t really hide your real world identity on Facebook.

At first, you could only get a profile if you had an havard.edu email address.  It was something that people wanted because if it was good enough for Harvard, it was good enough for most youth.  Then for many years you needed a .edu e mail address in order to get a profile.  They eventually opened it up for everyone, but one thing that they have been true to is this idea that you can’t hide behind a profile.  You have to be who you truly are.

Look around.  There are so many websites that uses Facebook Connect to authenticate your true identity for their website.  Facebook is becoming the identity matrix for the Internet.  Soon it’ll be Facebook = You.

What do you think about that?

2 thoughts on “Facebook = Identity Matrix

  1. Facinating. I am going to build on this post in my blog. Culture change and Facebook. Facebook was once the hot little secret but has become “THE MAN.”

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