Emotions and Blogging

I saw this tweet on Twitter from @TheBeanCast.  Here’s the tweet:


Blogging is emotionally draining when you actually put effort in it. Should just start posting links and snarky comments like everyone else.

Of course I retweeted it, but I wanted to blog it as well.  Blogging is not just a cognitive exercise.  It could be, but typically it is an emotional experience.  It’s emotional in that most people don’t want to even start doing it.  You’ve got to want to blog in order to.  Then once you start, the more passion and emotion that you have in your blogs, the better it is – because people connect with that.  The ideas can be good, but it can also be emotionally draining.

Check out some of my posts that represent this.

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11 thoughts on “Emotions and Blogging

  1. Blogging does have an emotional component/investment when decision made to share from core of self or one’s deeper passions, feelings, thoughts – especially as so much sharing tries to gauge how to speak with strangers.

    1. I’ve talked to so many people about blogging, and they don’t think that anyone will listen to them or read their stuff. I tell them who cares if anyone reads it. It’s so amazing how closely we tie our identities with our ideas. I think alot of people have no idea how to access their deeper passions, feelings and thoughts – and blogging has helped me to do some of that.

      Thanks for the comment again.

    1. Thank you Nancy. Thank you for checking it out. Most of this is from my research. I hope to write the book form of my research someday. I feel like I’m still developing my voice. It’s been fun. What can I do for SEO on this subdomain site? Only help me if I can afford it.

      1. Youre too awesome, just like u cant yell at cute, I cant charge awesome! Hit me up…email me, Ill help you out with as much as I can. Im new to blogging, but I can help you with SEO input fo sho! ❤

  2. I read your blogs, Lem. I definitely agree with this one. So much baggage and emotions come out when we blog. Hope you are well.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Dave. I just write them to stay disciplined. I am glad that you read and definitely agree with this one – but please disagree with any of them. The point is to try out some ideas and not be afraid to get them out there – even though I don’t totally believe everything that I write.
      Are you writing? You got any new recordings? You got a blog? Good hearing from you Dave.

      1. Hey Lem,
        I did some writing a couple of months ago, but don’t really have any venue to play them. I started a blog a couple of days ago. My fiance has one and she gets a lot of followers very quickly. Probably because she is a good writer. Anyways, I will keep up with your stuff. Good hearing from you too, Lem.

  3. It’s sort of cathartic…and is definite cheap therapy for me. I don’t give a flying fart in space if anyone reads my blog. I love doing it. I have something to say…and blast- it-all, I’m gonna say it! 🙂 Thanks for encouraging ME Lem Usita. You ROCK!


    1. I love your writing. I appreciate your ideas and more than anything – your invitation for us to walk along side you in your journey. It’s so cool. Keep blasting away. Flying farts are nice too. Keep writing. Can’t wait for the JulieDubPodcast.

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