The Word Tweet

Is the word Tweet a word?  It is definitely a colloquialism not meant for formal speech or writing.  There is such a thing as a Tweet, but technically, you shouldn’t use it for formal speeches or writing.

Just FYI.  Why don’t you “tweet” this.

Read this article if you want to read more about this.


  1. Be very careful in using this word in British English, as it has close connotations to Twit, a person of restricted mental and social ability. In some parts of the UK (North of England), in New Zealand and Australia, the vowel ‘i ‘ is often pronounced as ‘ee’, so the confusion escalates.

    1. I will definitely keep that in mind as I interact with the British.
      I went to wedding about 2 years ago where my Jamaican friend married a Brit. We were talking about “walking the dog” – and all the British guys were laughing at me. I think I had mentioned that i enjoyed walking the dog with my mother in law. Oh man did I get an education.

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