What Do You Think About When You Think About a Million?

My Facebook status this morning was –

Lem Usita

Lem Usita is a million a big number to you?

4hours ago · ·
The responses were interesting.  At the end of the day, the answer depends on what you’re thinking about – and how much of that thing you have.  If it’s dollars, and you don’t have much of it, a million is pretty big.
I thought about it because I was looking up some Facebook statistics:
– About Half a Billion Users
– People send 500 Billion minutes per month on it
– More than one million developers have worked on Facebook
– There are more than 100 million active mobile users of Facebook
You can check the stats here.
A million is alot – whether it’s money or web developers.  I think it’s a great question though.  It tells me so much about you and my perception of you.  So I ask you – what do you think about when you think about a million?  OH-and do a Google Image search for a “million.”  It’ll tell you what the millions of people think.

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