So What If the iPhone 4 Doesn’t Work

You don’t see too many people getting rid of theirs. I mean, if it really didn’t work, they’d get rid of it right, but no. That’s not what people are doing. People are complaining about it. People are making it Apple’s problem and how Apple needs to give out new bumpers or do a recall.

The phone may not work, but something is working – and it’s the pride and the need that people have to be cool – to belong. Even a phone that doesn’t work all that well can still make you cool. Must be nice. Oh-and it comes at a price – like 2400.00 bucks or something like that.

So what if the iPhone 4 doesn’t work, if you have one just complain like everyone else and make it Apple’s fault. Or use a bandaid or a Livestrong bracelet.

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