Action Figures

This morning, I was picking up some creamer for my coffee and some eggs.  Right next to the creamer, they had GI Joe action figures.  I found it odd that in the dairy section of the grocery store that the actions figures were right next to the creamer.

They had all kinds of new characters – characters that I don’t remember.  I always liked storm shadow – the ninja action figure.  But right next to the creamer they had 2 other ninjas – ninjas that I had never heard of.  Well, and since I haven’t played with action figures in a few decades, they have had some time to develop new ones I guess.

But these plastic action figures that I used to save all my money to buy – don’t even make the toy section anymore.  I don’t know what the behavioral economics of having the action figures near the creamer entails, but it made me stop and thing about how much these toys brought joy to my pre-adolescent life.  Some 10 year old is going to miss out on it because it’s at the creamer.  I just don’t get the placing of stuff sometimes.

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