Passion for Conservation

I recently helped a friend with their resume – it’s always nice to help people with their resumes.  I was looking at the job description and there was a line that stood out to me – it was this idea that this position – among other things – needed someone to be passionate about conservation.

How sad is it that we don’t normally and naturally take care of our environment?  We have to add it in the job description to weed out those that aren’t passionate about conservation.  How sad right?  We don’t take care of the aina.  Google the word – it’s a Hawaiian word.

You don’t have to be weird about.  You just have to steward it as best as you can.  Get out in it if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

2 thoughts on “Passion for Conservation

  1. Thanks for the help by the way. I’m glad I could get you thinking along these lines – riding more helps you get a feel for how important wild spaces are…? You’re lucky you have the ocean too – although riding, skiing or hiking in the back country is probably about the same thing.


    1. Cheers. It was quite convicting actually to think those things. Conservation is something that we should all be a part of. We don’t need to be weird about it – but it just right. I like it man – wild spaces. It’s a great place to be actually. Thanks for the comment.

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