I was listening to This Week In Google today. They talked about the new iPhone 4 feature called FaceTime.  They highlighted a crazy ideas.  If you want to listen to it, you can find it here.

They talked about the commercials that Apple’s have put out – about FaceTime – and basically it’s all of these super emotional and pivotal times in people’s lives that are being shared on FaceTime.  It’s very emotional and it’s very much true life.  It’s a bummer though that it happens.  It’s great that FaceTime allows for them to share these moments, but we live such disconnected lives and that people would miss the first sonagram of their baby – or miss out on their daughter’s braces.  It says that we live in a world where we miss important moments of our family’s lives because we’re so busy – but we have FaceTime to help us not miss out on those moments.

You gotta read Jeff Jarvis’ blog post on it.  He also has the videos posted there.  Check it out.

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