The Art of the Pickpocket

I have never pickpocket-ed at all.  I really don’t know how to, but I was reading a book about it – well, the book was about power, but there was this little section about observation.

Pickpocketers love crowds where there are signs that say “Beware of Pickpocketers.”  As soon as someone sees that sign, they check the pocket that they hide their wallet in – giving the pickpocketer the location of said wallet.  The art of pickpocketing is knowing which pocket to pick.  Pickpocketers have been known to bring their own sign to trigger the pocket check.

What is the lesson in this?  I have no clue.  The pickpocket identity is characterized by someone that is great at observing and looking for the right clues.

3 thoughts on “The Art of the Pickpocket

  1. that’s a really interesting bit of information. I’m actually glad you didn’t try to make some spiritual parallel with this like Christians always do.

    1. so Anna – when you write, “like Christians always do” – does that mean always? hahaha.

      I know what you are saying though. I just wanted to share the idea – I thought it was just interesting.

      1. yes always 🙂 every time a new movie comes out or a scandal happens or a leaf falls to the ground, Christians are on the radio comparing it to their faith.

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