Most of the Time

….the stuff that I read on blogs is complaining and kinda negative.  There’s something about this form of media that is conducive for writers and bloggers to easily complain about stuff.  It’s crazy that I have no idea who is going to read this, but yet, it’s a venue for complaining.  Try it out.

Check out a blog that you follow and see how many posts you go through before you find them complaining about something or about how something is wrong with them or the world.  So maybe it’s not all complaining.  Maybe it’s simply negative observations, but I’m just complaining.

Here are the images that came up when I searched on Google for blogging is complaining:

One thought on “Most of the Time

  1. Hence why I struggle to post more often. I don’t wanna be a complainer. I want to be deep, sure, but I’d rather try to keep things positive. I don’t always succeed but aim to be a little more sunshine than rain.

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