Youth Ministry 2

I just read a comment from Benjamin Kerns – as he commented on a previous post that I had posted on Youth Ministry (Click on his name for his blog and Youth Ministry for my post).  His comment made me think more about the post, and I wanted to share his comment with you.  You can check out my reply to his comment on the Youth Ministry post.  Enjoy Ben’s insight.  Thanks Ben for sharing.

010/08/04 at 11:50 PM

as i enter the last half of my 30′s, almost none of my peer group is still doing student ministry. i agree with you lem that it is a crippling thought to consider a youth ministry for life attitude or you are a sell out. i think that student ministry feels like a stepping stone because it is. if you are in your early 20′s and you feel called to ministry and into leadership, where in the church is the ONLY place you can serve and work it out. student ministry. and that shouldn’t be looked down on. we should work hard wherever god calls us in whatever ministry context that may be. and as god develops us, as we grow and mature, we should always be living more and more into who god is making us to be. and at some point it will be away from student ministry. let’s celebrate each other’s call into ministry, whatever form that takes!


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