The Right Answer

My time in graduate school was all about having the right answer.  I studied hard so that I could win arguments.  I studied the theories so that I knew how to approach a subject.  I studied logic and thought long and hard about the questions of life and godliness.  I could interpret.  I could synthesize and analyze many situations.  I learned the right answers.

But the more I grew and interacted with people, I realized a few things.

Most people only want the right answers some of the time.

Sometimes they just need your support and no answers.

Sometimes the right answers hurt and can be very painful – for them or your relationship.

I don’t have the right answers.  Who gave me the right answers.  No amount of study can give me all the right answers.  I don’t have a corner on right.

What’s more important than the right answer is truth – but only truth in love.

It’s okay to not have the right answer.  No one’s that amazing – save one.

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