Your Sayings

I was listening to a podcast, and the guy I was listening to has phrases that he would say repeatedly.  It caught my attention because one of those phrases is “Here’s the thing.”  It also happens to be one of my filler phrases.  I say “Here’s the thing,” all the time.  Cause here’s the thing – I like to make sure that my point comes across.

It’s almost an unconscious occurrence.  I don’t even know that I say it.

I have a few other phrases – which my wife willingly and voluntarily reminded me of.

“You know” – as if they don’t or even worse, they can’t.

“You know what I mean” – just a derivative of “You know.”

“Man” – my wife says that I will say it 5 times in a 6 word sentence.  That’s bad.

I’m sure I have others, but what does that say about my identity.  What do my sayings say about who I am?

4 thoughts on “Your Sayings

  1. I use to type “OMG!” … My best friend had to all me out on that! Now I say, “Oh My”, “Sheesh Kabobs”, and “Oh Brother!” God’s name cannot be taken lightly. It is HOLY.

  2. Good post! I can use fillers alot, especially when nervous. I think a particular saying may mean nothing more than a verbal pause – just something you say while thinking of the next thought you want to express.

    Maybe it says that we’re uncomfortable with silence. Or to hide slow thinking.

    1. That’s great insight Paul. It might just be a pause. It might say that you’re introverted. It might say that you’re not a quick enough thinker. It might not mean anything. It’s crazy that we can do nothing and still be misunderstood. You know!

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