Always On

I heard Seth Godin say that we have the technology to continually be connected every hour of the day.  I have heard Leo Laporte talk about Twitter being this megaphone where everyone is talking and no one really is listening.  I’ve read where Tim Ferris creates more time for other things by limiting email and noise.

It makes me think of Psalm 46:10 which talks about stillness.  I think of Psalm 23 where the soul is restored beside the still waters.  James 1 talks about being quick to listen and slow to speak.

The technology is here that pushes data and information to all of our devices.  It’s easier to connect – technologically, but it’s creating a disconnect – relationally.  It’s good that we have the ability to always be on, but it’s even better to sometimes be off.  

4 thoughts on “Always On

  1. You stated, “It’s easier to connect – technologically, but it’s creating a disconnect – relationally.”

    I have been trying to say this for 6 months, but could not find the right words……there they are!

    Thank you my friend for getting the words to me.

    …running through my mind…

    1. Keith – what was the context that you were thinking of? What was the impetus for your thoughts – running through your mind. Thanks for the comment.

      1. The impetus for my thoughts came from a conversation that I had in December of last year. It should have been a conversation I had on the phone, yet I let Technology take it in a different direction, and felt very sterilized to humanity once the conversation was over.

        I wrote about it here

        If you are interested.



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