Taking Trips

In the last month, I have been on 2 trips to 6 states.  I will be going to Hawaii this Friday and Ohio two weeks from now.  Some of it was personal, and some of it was business.  Either way, they were fun experiences.

Why do we take trips?  What do we phrase it in that way?  It’s more like – I’m giving myself a trip or I’m going to make time to take a trip.

I was reading Tim Ferris’ Lifestyle Design ideas on his blog – click here if you want to see it – and I am no where near what he is writing about, but I am taking the time to do some pretty fun stuff.

Take a trip.  Have an adventure.  Make the time.  Come with me on one of mine if you can’t think of any.  I’m thinking about flying out to Idaho Falls for 39 bucks.  Let’s go.

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