The Web Makes Everyone a….

…Photographer. Most mobile phones have a camera on them. It’s not that hard to share those photos with the world thru Flickr or Picasa. Everyone’s a Photographer.

…Publisher. I heard someone say this morning that there are an infinite number of blogs out there. You can do so for free. It doesn’t cost you anything to do so on Blogger or WordPress, and you don’t need a publisher any more to do it. You can write.

…Recording Artist. Check out YouTube and Vimeo for online recordings of covers and originals – some of which garner a million hits. Even the real recording artists and companies are putting their stuff on it.

…Director, Screen Writer, or Actor. YouTube.


…An Expert

…more unique individual by allow us to develop and find our voice and medium. It doesn’t matter what your skill or passion. You have the place to create it so go create. Go be somebody.

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