The Wisdom on Twitter

I don’t know what your Twitter stream looks like.  I’m pretty picky about who I follow, but I noticed that I tend to follow people that always have wise and sometimes witty sayings.  These are people that tend to write quotes, and have incredible insight into life.

For this post, I was thinking about taking a more negative stance on this idea.  I wanted to write about how Twitter makes everyone a sage.  With all the amazing quotes that are being twitter’d, my first thought was – “what do these people know about….x, y, and z?”  Then I thought, who am I to judge.  The wisdom and experience of whoever came up with the retweeted line is still wisdom learned by someone.  Even if it’s not their line, for whatever reason – they connected with that idea and I can learn from it still.

There is some noise on Twitter, but sometimes I want to know what you’re having with your coffee.

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