Some Experience

I don’t feel too old, but I spoke at a retreat/training this weekend. It was a retreat that I went on every year that I was in college.
It was so fun to be there this weekend. I met so many new people. I hope to be friends with many of them.
At the end of our time, I thought that I was going to get the opportunity to just give some closing thoughts at the wrap up. Then a had this thought – what things could I share with them today that I wished I knew 20 years ago. I couldnt believe it. My first retreat was 20 years ago. Then I thought about my relationship with the guys that I went on my retreat/trainings on. I was able to give some insight into what the next 20 years could hold for them.
I can only give me experience, and I have 20 years of it. If doesn’t seem like much but I have some experience.
Some of my new friends include Alise Merrin and Jonathan Walburg. They’re good people. Check them out on my Facebook profile.

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