The Dream Industry

I don’t know how to title this, but what do you call it when someone sells you your dreams?  Someone is making tons of money of your dreams.  Whether it’s a 5 step program or the seminar that you pay thousands to – people are selling you your dreams.

I just watched a documentary about these kids from Africa who are giving all of their money to agents that are promising them dreams of playing in Europe.  When they don’t make it, they are abandoned.  There are over 20,000 of them illegally living in Paris.  Their tryout did not work out so they are just left.

I was getting disgusted, but then almost ironically, commercials would come on that would do the same thing here.  Pay for this and you will get this.  Buy this dvd and have this body.  It’s no different.

What’s your dream?  You might be able to buy it.

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