I Hate Pikes #Starbucks

I can’t even tell you why.  I know that I’m allowed to hate it, but it’s like the default bean for Starbucks.  I’ve tried it many ways, but for whatever reason, I just can’t stand it.

What I do love though is that even though I hate Pikes, I can still enjoy a great cup of coffee because they’ll brew anything for me that I would like – and typically that’s anything other than Pikes.

So Starbucks – thank you for taking care of me even though I can’t stand the main bean.

3 thoughts on “I Hate Pikes #Starbucks

    1. Haha-tamara, i dont know anyone that likes pikes. I will say that I am not sure Ive ever had coffee that makrs me swoon either so Ill try it out tomorrow. I’ll check out your blog tonight. Lookinh forward to learning from you.

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