My Multiple Identities

Did you know that it was normal to have multiple identities?  You have multiple identities.  We all do.  We all play out different roles.  As long as all of these identity expressions are integrated into one true self.  It’s when these multiple identities can’t come back to center that there are problems.

As an exercise for myself and my identities – I’m going to start writing about my multiple identities.  I want to explore the ones that I’m aware of and hopefully, it might shed light on some that I keep hidden.

The more I think about identity and teach it – the more I realize that we don’t really know how to think deeply about ourselves.  If you have insight, please share it with me.

3 thoughts on “My Multiple Identities

  1. This stuff makes me think…like crazy. If we have different identities, then how do people ever get to know the real you? Or is there even a real you?

    1. Even before you ask that question – how do you get to know yourself – much less other people ever knowing you? Then think about the fact that when we interact – that we only interact with a projected version of ourselves – not our true self. I think when we grow and mature that it’s possible to one day show our real selves. I’m still trying to figure this thing out for myself.
      Thanks for commenting and reading.

    2. I think one problem is people define themselves and others by their consistencies. I personally dont find it necessary to completely know a person although the idea comforts me.

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