My Dr Identity

I am not yet Dr. Lem Usita.  I’m working on it.  In fact, I worked on it all day.  I’ve worked on it for years.

I have never been motivated by one day being called Dr.  In fact, when I get it, I will not make anyone call me that.  I’m probably not even going to change any of my profiles to reflect that I’ve finished.  It’ll purely be a professional thing applied only to professional publications and my airline ticket.

I have already benefited from my doctoral studies, but I cannot wait to be done.  Not so much because then you can call me Dr., but because I will no longer have “student” as my identity.

One thought on “My Dr Identity

  1. As I read this, I’ve heard you say this as well, that you don’t want people to call you Dr. think about it causes me to ask you what in your identity history causes you to not want to be labeled Dr.? Or What is it about when Dr’s prefer to be called Dr’s? I guess in a nut shell what is our motivation for this?

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