Even a Break Has an Identity

So I was checking out a few beaches today. We were trying to figure out which beach had the best waves.

I went to a break today that most people would refer to as Pipes. The state beach has an offficial name, but as I was watching the surfers ride the waves, I made a comment to a guy nearby. It was a party wave with about six guys on a wave. The guy with me was an older gentleman and he had his bmw motorcycle with him. I asked if he was checking it out as well. He was going out later. He looked like a local and told me that the name of the break was Barneys. If you don’t know what a barney is you should look it up.

It made me laugh. You should have seen this guy talk about it with such intense disdain.

I just love the idea that even a break can have an identity.

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