Dear Mr. Lack of Spatial Awareness,

I know that you’re anxious to get your cup of coffee, but not matter how close you stand behind me, its not going to get you any coffee sooner than me.  I mean seriously.  I’m next.  There’s no one behind you.  Give me some space.   Crowding me is not going to make me move forward any more because I am definitely not going to crowd the person in front of me – which as much as it gets you a bit closer to the counter is still not going to get you coffee sooner than me.


Identity Specialist

4 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Lack of Spatial Awareness,

  1. I hate these guys; is a couple of minutes that important to them? especially as it doesn’t make the line go any faster.
    I wouldn’t mind a pretty girl pushing up behind me though.

    It never seems to happen.

    1. Great insight my friend.
      I must write more letters – you know – to random people and to the experiences that I have with them.
      About the pretty girl comment – I always hope that the empty seat next to me on the airplane is one of those girls. But it’s always a pretty….big person that flows over to my seat. Your great insight reminded me of that.

  2. SO FUNNY! I’m even more fussy about it in line @ the grocery store – or department store…especially if the person behinds me has kids that keep bumping into me. I hate being bumped by strangers…..

    1. You know I was thinking about that – the context is everything.
      When you’re at a party or a club (which I haven’t been in one for forever), you’re constantly bumping up against strangers. For whatever reason, I’m not too worried in that situation – but don’t crowd me when there’s no one there. There has to be fancy word for when everyone in the elevator – equalizes – when someone leaves the elevator.

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