Identity Optimization

I was flipping through the channels  this morning – I watched this show that had to do with pimping your online profile – to get more dates.  Anything online and identity related, I’m interested in.

There is a service that will pimp your profile or optimize your online profile so that (in this case) you get more dates.  They walk you through questions that guide your thoughts or more specifically, your projected identity.

The young lady that they were following said that she couldn’t believe how many more views she was getting simply by changing some of the words that she used to project her identity.  She said, I can’t believe it.  I’m the same person and it’s the same picture.  I just wrote things differently and she got dates.

There are some identity lessons from this.

1. You project your identity.

2. You can optimize your identity just by changing words.

3. Identity optimization works.

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