You Cannot Become More You

It is not possible to become any more than you already are. That’s not to say that you can’t change your behavior or outlook. You can change the way that you look. You can change the way that you act, but you can’t become more you – as if there’s more of you “out there” to become.
You gotta take what you got, form and then re-from. You can’t get more “you-ness.”. You got it all.

3 thoughts on “You Cannot Become More You

  1. My older sister and I actually frequently talk about becoming more of ourselves. As we change, we see it as becoming more the people God created us to be. I see what you’re saying, that we can’t be anymore “us” then we already are. But, I think the way we see it is that we are hindered by sins that cause us to be less of the person God made us to be. So, as we are sanctified, we become more the person we were created to be. But, then maybe we’re becoming less ourselves and more like God?

  2. Anna
    I’m still trying to work the idea out myself in my head and heart.
    In class today, we were talking about becoming “more spiritual” as if there is more “spiritual” out there. We are as spiritual as we will ever be. We were talking about how we all feel like we need to be something other than what we are now – but you’re right about the distinction – it’s becoming more like Jesus . He gives us identity and in becoming more like who he wants us to be – we become more like Him.
    Are we saying the same thing?

  3. If I became any “more” of me… I’d be in big trouble. I need to become less of me & more of God. The world most certainly does not need any more of Julie Wenzel. hehe…. ūüôā loved your post!

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