Comfort Addiction

Have you ever heard about it?  I was watching the news and a Life Coach came on to talk about comfort addiction.  The basic idea is that we all get stuck in a rut because we are so comfortable with our current situation.  We are then not able to continue that diet or change our situation because we are addicted to the comfort level that we’re in.  Comfort Addiction is all about getting stuck and staying stuck.  Luckily – according to the Life Coach – we can challenge ourselves with – you guessed it – uncomfortable situations.

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4 thoughts on “Comfort Addiction

  1. One of the best things about the guy I’m dating is that he challenges me, and gets me our of my Comfort Zone. I canceled my cable and bought a cook book because of him 🙂

    1. That is pretty awesome. What have you guys done or where have you guys gone – to get out of your Comfort Zone? Are you eating more food because of the cookbook?
      Amanda, how’d you find my blog? Do you have a Facebook profile? Thanks for reading. Do you have a blog?

  2. It’s all been baby steps but just peaking my interest in new things, or giving me that little push to do the things I know I should be doing (exercising more, cooking, being outside, reading, etc.) has made a significant impact on my outlook of life.

    I found your blog while looking up other Word Press blogs – yours came up with whatever search terms I used (don’t remember which ones). I found it interesting, as I’ve struggled with my “identity” in the past, so I starting following you on Twitter. 🙂

    I do have a personal FB and a blog – have considered making the leap to a more “professional” one, but I’m just not there yet.

  3. Right on. I didn’t know that. Are you the one from Ontario? I appreciate you reading and finding it interesting. I just write down random ideas that I have from my research and writings so I just share them here. Sometimes I am just working out ideas on here.
    We all struggle with identity. In fact, struggling with identity means that you’re moving in developing your identity. The only person that’s in trouble is the one that isn’t struggling. Just so you know.
    I’ll try and find your FB and blog. I’d love to read your ideas. Here’s mine: I have a few other blogs, but I post on this one most often.
    Looking forward to reading your stuff – if I can find it. I’d love to hear about your identity stuff.

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