Thoughts About a Life Coach

Every ounce of my being thinks it is the stupidest idea to have a Life Coach.  Who needs a Life Coach?  It’s a scam.  People are just preying on the innocent and the insecure to make a buck.  Why would anyone need a Life Coach?  Now if you believe in Life Coaches, you probably didn’t make it to this sentence.  I set out to rip on the idea of a Life Coach, but if I’m honest with myself, we are all so undisciplined that we need coaches and mentors and disciplers in our lives.

You might be disciplined in a few areas of your life, but we could all use direction and wisdom.  Whether it’s to lose weight or to gain a deeper understanding of ourself, we need the insight that a mentor or coach can provide.  Honestly, it’s the idea behind discipleship, apprenticeship, and education.

Life Coaches tend to have a specialization.  Here are some of my initial thoughts about Life Coaches:

1. Don’t get a Life Coach that doesn’t have a Life Coach.

2. We all need them.  Find a Life Coach for each area that you need help in.

3. Be a Life Coach yourself – Okay, so maybe you won’t charge, but share your wisdom with someone.  There’s nothing more humbling than giving of yourself.

4. Life Coach = Mentor, Teacher, Discipler, Athletic Trainer, Counselor, Therapist, and pretty much anyone that you look up to and speaks into your life.

5. When looking for a Life Coach – the cheesier the picture, the cheesier the Life Coach.  I’m just saying.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts About a Life Coach

  1. Good points. On a bad day I think a life coach is just a to-do list wrapped in flesh and blood. On a good day I understand there are people who can speak into my life in meaningful ways. (I have more good days than bad days!) Life Coaches see things perhaps I cannot see in myself, or perhaps they provide that needed measure of accountability that spurs me into action.

    I wonder if the informal relationships are superior since they lack the fee-for-services aspect?

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