Teaching Kids to Fail

I heard someone say that teachers now are teaching students that already know everything. It’s not possible to teach someone that already knows everything. They can Bing or Google the information much more quickly than a teacher can explain it in the class.

The role now these days is not to teach something that they already know, but to provide an opportunity for them to fail. It’s not quite the same as making them look dumb, but is this teaching today? I don’t think it’s the same as just failing them either – even though many of them would actually learn something if they failed.

Teaching is no longer data or information dump. Teachers are no longer the sage on the stage.

We don’t know how to fail. We don’t teach it. Some of the greatest inventions came from failure. There is something about it that challenges us. We as teachers won’t be able to teach it unless we experience it ourselves. So go and try it – you might not fail, but if you do, learn from it so that you can teach it.

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