Listen and Learn

As a teacher, I get to talk – alot.  I get to fill a whole hour.  I don’t have to ask a single question.  I can just talk, and they have to sit there and follow along.  It’s kinda nice.  It’s a little addicting.

I love it when I get to listen though.  I can learn more when I listen.  I love being in conversations where I get to just sit and listen.

It’s not just listening to what’s being said.  It also includes listening to what’s not being said.  That’s a much harder skill to learn – something that I am learning.  Listen to what is said – then listen to everything else.  You’ll learn more.


5 thoughts on “Listen and Learn

    1. Try listening to what is not said – and at the same time – listen to what you are saying in your mind and heart – while you listen. We subconsciously do that. Thanks for reading A. Lan.

      1. Hello

        There are the Apophthegmata Patrum. Have also read some of Saint Teresa D’Avila and Thomas a Kempis. The latter two are not considered of the school of the Desert Fathers and Mothers. This is writing/practice of early Christian spirituality/mysticism.

        I think we can bloom in the desert we inhabit. I learnt a little bit living in the wilderness of ‘illness’. There are lessons in silence, as discussed in many traditions (e.g. Buddhist meditation).

        I pray in a variety of ways solo and with others, in words, silence, meditation on text, song, walking to appreciate the wonder of the natural world. I learn awareness of the discipline my old people said that eventually we want to make everything a prayer.

        From previous, I have no podcast. I also have an oddness of speech due to illness but can write. I am glad you got United Nations of B reference. Yes expensive but quality clothing. I think there was at a time a desire to be one world culture but I see more a return to balkanization – culture wars (Banks). The Tower of Babel, perhaps?

        Hoping UR well. Take care.

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