Your body needs sleep in order to rest.  You need downtime in order to rejuvenate.  You need to disconnect and unplug in order reconnect with yourself.

I’m at a a coffe shop that allows me to be online for 2 hours, but then they provide a warning that says that after 2 hours that they are going to disconnect me from the Internet so that I might reconnect with the real world.

By default my phone pushes and fetches email.  You can set up rss feeds to come to you.  Kids today are so much more connected to the web and they will only know a life that is connected to the web.  We need to teach them how to disconnect.  We need to model it.

It is healthy to disconnect from the web.  I got an idea – set an alert on your phone to remind you to.


One thought on “Disconnect

  1. Personally, I find the more I’m around “connected people” the stronger the urge I feel to connect myself. I joined Facebook because a friend asked me. Years later, I joined Twitter because this same friend asked me too. I participated in the Facebook “games”, notes, and chain letter type things because my friends did. I got unlimited texting on my cell, again, because my friends and family do too. And so on, and so on…

    Currently, neither my boyfriend or best friend have cell phones or Twitter accounts. They check their Facebook profiles every few days, not every few hours. I find that they influence me to “disconnect” (even though I’m sure they don’t realize this influence). When I am around them, I turn my cell phone to silent, if not off completely. Or sometimes, just leave it at home. I am noticing that their influence is slowly seeping into my life when they are not around, as well, but this process is much, much slower…

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