First World Problems

I was listening to @mollywood talk about first world problems, and it made me think of the differences between first world and third world problems.  With 45 billion dollars spent on Black Friday, it just reveals interesting first world problems.

1st world = we complain about $500 iPads and $200 phones; 3rd world = would just be happy with one.

1st world = we have money; 3rd world = rampant poverty.

1st world = dogs live in our homes; 3rd world = dogs aren’t pets – consequently, only in the 1st world do we pick up dog poop.

1st world = we complain that we have to pay over 3 bucks for gas, but will gladly pay that for coffee; 3rd world = most don’t have cars.

1st world = we have flushing toilets and running water; 3rd world = some do, many don’t.

1st world = just not happy with what we got; 3rd world = just happy

This post might not be fair.  We do live different lives.  We are blessed – so blessed.  I complain too much.  I’m thankful for what I have and what I get to do.  It’s funny to see what matters.

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