LL41: The Cleaning Lesson

If you want to learn – to truly learn – clean up after someone.  If you can learn the lesson of serving someone to clean up after them – it’s the best lesson you could ever learn.

I was talking to one a very close friend of mine that’s probably the biggest germ-o-phobe I know.  We were talking about the lessons that we’ve learned in life, and I brought up the fact that my friend the extreme germ-o-phobe volunteered to clean the makeshift outhouses that were used by thousands of people.  He took the job that no one else wanted to do, and the opportunities that came because of it and the lessons learned because of it has transformed the way that he looks at leadership and interacts with people.

If you want to learn – to truly learn – anything.  Try cleaning up after someone.  Try serving someone in that way.  It’s an under-appreciated art and skill.

For all of my Leadership Lessons – the ones that I’m learning.

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