Be Unique, but Belong 4

It’s fun to listen to friends and family talk about their football team.  You name it.  Whether college or professional football, people need to be a part of something.  People like to belong.  They become fans.  They become a part of this club.

Have you heard individuals identify with their team?  They wear the right colors.  They make reference to how “we” are going to play or how “we” played.  They identify themselves as members of the team – as if they were the ones on the field.  The connection is so strong that they are the ones out in the field.

Next time you hear someone say that – know that they have found somewhere to belong.

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2 thoughts on “Be Unique, but Belong 4

  1. I can’t stand when people reference themselves in the first person plural when referencing a team. I am a huge Cubs fan but I’m not out on the field. The only time I feel it’s appropriate to reference ourselves in the first person plural with a team is when it’s a national team.

    1. It’s funny to see, but it is natural for us to identify with something. Sometimes it’s football. It could be a movie, a ministry, or a mate. We all long to belong to something. Itcan still be funny.

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