Uncomfortable and Exciting

I read a post yesterday about how the most exciting things happen when you’re in uncomfortable situations.  I guess if you’ve never experienced that, you’ll not agree with that statement.  You are one of those that works hard at staying comfortable, and when you’re comfortable, you don’t walk over to the edge where it’s exciting.  Those that are truly comfortable don’t even know that they are.

I guess what they were saying is that if you’re comfortable, it’s boring.  If it’s exciting, you’re probably not in a comfortable spot, but I don’t think he’s saying that if you’re uncomfortable that it is exciting.

So the take away = Be comfortable.  Be boring.

3 thoughts on “Uncomfortable and Exciting

  1. I think it depends on your definitions. Out of curiosity, I googled the word comfortable and it seems like most of the definitions have something to do with being at peace, free from pain, or relaxed. Based on a strict definition of relaxed and excited, I think the two are pretty close to mutually exclusive, but if you take the definition of at peace, then maybe you can be at peace but still excited? I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t think it’s necessarily boring to be comfortable (not to be confused with complacency). This blog post of yours confused me a bit…

    1. Good insight Danielle. I wasn’t thinking of that, but peace and excited could work.
      I too googled comfortable, and I looked at the images. It was very interesting. You’re right – it does depend on your definition.
      I should have given more context to my post. I was responding to another post by someone else, and I should have cited who it was. Decided not too. Thought I’d try the idea. I keep thinking that I am not sure I truly know what uncomfortable is. I think I want the exciting part, but not the uncomfortable part.
      Sorry it confused you, but thank you so much for responding and commenting. I loved the insight.

    2. Also, tell me about your email address? I know you’re suppose to add an e mail to leave a comment – but that it won’t be posted. It’s a rich identity projection.

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