Your Rhythm

I was thinking through the rhythms that I put my body and my mind in.  My rhythms hopefully allows me to have the maximum output.  As I thought about it though, there are some natural ones that I hardly ever skip.

– Eat 3-4 meals a day; brush and floss my teeth,  sleep 6-8 hours a day; stretch, feed the dog; pick up dog poop.

I was thinking through my rhythms and realized that the common theme of the ones that come to mind first are typically physical things.  I have the physical rhythm down.  But if our bodies and minds are meant to be in rhythm, why aren’t the emotional and psychological and spiritual areas of my life the same?  I know they need it.  Actually, I do have some spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation that come to mind, but I couldn’t tell you what the rhythms are in my emotional or psychological life.

The principles goes though – just like you have set rhythms for your physical life, you also need to develop the rhythms of the emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions as well.  Just sayin. 

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