Words Shape Identity

I put that as status update on Facebook yesterday.  I heard it off of a tv program that I was watching.  Even though the show wasn’t about identity, that was what they were trying to say.

The conversation from that status update was quite good.  Our identity is affirmed with the words that are spoken to us.  If you hear that “you’re not good enough,” you start believing it.  If you hear that “you can do it,” you got a better chance.  But the nuance of words and how it’s spoken to us has tremendous power.  Words shape identity, and in theory, words can continue to reshape identity.

Here are some principles that come to mind:

1. Surround yourself with people that speak great words to you.

2. Monitor your self-talk.  Fill your mind with great and true words – not loser ones.

3. Speak great words to the people that you surround yourself with.  Affirm them.

4. If you need a good word spoken about you – ask someone to give them.  You’ll be surprised at how many would love to if they only knew you needed it.

You’re amazing.  Not just because you read this post, but because you now have the opportunity to be that for someone else – with just a word.

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