Words Shape Identity

In the identity cycle, individuals have the ability and opportunity to create whatever identity they want, but as they interact with individuals the words of other people can shape identity.  Here’s another one of my past posts about how Words Shape Identity.

Words shape identity.  If you say a mean word or a hurtful word to someone, that will shape their identity.  If you say a beautiful and pleasant word to someone, that can change their perspective on themselves.  It only takes one word – the right word or a hurtful one – to shape someone’s perspective on one’s self.

Have you ever had someone say a mean word to you?

If you want to see if I’m right – try it.  Say a nice word to someone.  Say a mean word to someone.  Watch their non-verbal communication.  They’ll let you know how you’ve shaped their identity.

Shape my identity on Twitter @lemness.

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