I Don’t Know How to Relax

In a world that’s all about effort and working all the time, this is a more common phrase that you read and hear. It makes me wonder if people would say this about me. I feel like I know how to relax and that I make time for it. Truly, I think the trick is to do things that are able to relax you.

I have friends that don’t make time to relax. I have friends that really don’t know how to do it, and I’m not talking about how they can’t get any sleep.  I know people that continue on – even when they go to bed.  They have restless sleep through the night.

There are tremendous benefits to rest and relaxation, but if you don’t know how to do it and get it, you’re are almost constantly stressed.

Start with your breath and reconnect to it.

How do you relax?  How do you teach someone to relax?

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know How to Relax

  1. Such a foundational belief and act Lem. Such a great question to ask:

    Neurologically, our brain is wired that the same part of our brain that processes our physical pain, is the same part that effects our emotional pain. So when we are physiologically worn down, our bodies cannot properly handle stress and exhaustion.

    I use hot tubs and saunas to detox my body. I do lots of yoga to make sure my body is stretched out and relaxed. My mom is a massage therapist, so she eases my pain. And, as you say, I focus on my breathing. I spend time in silence.

    Such a beautiful and practical question to ask Lem.

    1. Great points Mike.
      I have never thought about the fact that if you have tons of toxins in your body/system, you can’t really relax. You’re body is fighting it off. I to try and get massages to help me relax, and I’d use a hot tub if we have one. Yoga really helps, but relaxation – even for someone that doesn’t struggle with it can always learn more about how they might be able to relax even more deeply.
      Thanks for reading my friend.

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