A Grade School Understanding

I just heard that line in a documentary that I was watching.  It struck me.  We can have a “grade school” understanding of many things, and that’s not a bad thing necessarily.  Hopefully, we start to develop understanding of many things at higher levels, but no matter how much we learn, we might still maintain a grade school understanding of certain things.

It’s interesting that in grade school everything is so general.  The higher you get, the more specialized you become.  In college you pick a major, and you become that major (another great identity post idea).  Then in a Master’s degree program, you specialize even further.  In your doctorate, you’re asked to study for years on one question – in detail.

It’s not possible to have that level of scrutiny and understand of everything on that level.  Sometimes, you just maintain a grade school level of understanding.  That’s not a bad thing.

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