Views That I Don’t Agree With

…..challenge me way more than the ones that I do agree with.

It is easy to read and follow people of the of same ilk.  It might even feel good to cheer someone on – because you agree with them.  Check out your twitter friends and followers.  Are you following people that are the same as you are?  Are you following people that you agree with?  Or are you following people that challenge the way that you might think or feel?

It’s not bad to follow and read people that are just like you.  It’s comfortable.  But I want to be challenged, so I follow a few that might have views that I don’t agree with.

2 thoughts on “Views That I Don’t Agree With

  1. I’ve lately been realizing that my points of view on some areas are very different than some of the people I hang out with. I agree – it’s been challenging, but in a way it’s made me grow a lot more than if I didn’t have a disagreement. Maybe I should get into debates more often… lol

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