Truth is Still Truth

I had the unique opportunity to go to Radicalis 2011.  It was a great conference.  I got to meet a lot of great people, and learned sooooo much.

Of all the things though that I learned, I have been thinking and contemplating something that Rick Warren had said in one of his talks.  He was talking about truth, and how much others might criticize him for where he’s learning truth.  He’ll even quote people that he might not even agree with, but he says that he can learn from them.

I so love that perspective.  He has quoted an atheist and had a muslim on stage at his church.  He still says that there is much that he can learn from them.  Ultimately, Rick has an understanding of where Truth comes from.  So here’s Rick saying that he can learn from someone that doesn’t believe as he does.  Then tonight I see a few tweets of Christians criticizing other Christians because they don’t believe as they do – and also pass it off as a Christian thing to do – judging.  It makes me sad.

Just like Rick said – even a broken clock will be right two times everyday.  Too bad we have to get all judgmental and emotional about it sometimes.

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