The Difference Between Advertisement and Entertainment

… not something that a 8 year old can distinguish.  To them, it’s the same thing.  When they see it on tv, it’s very real to them.  It is such a powerful experience for them – for the advertisers.  Kids experience 40 hours of media exposure weekly, and it’s forming their sense of reality and identity.

We are being shaped by the advertising and the entertainment that we are exposed to.  We are no longer just consumers.  We have become the consumed.  We are being conditioned to think that happiness is just one more purchase away.

Here are some take aways:

1. Consume less – less media – less shopping – less consuming

2. Become an advertiser – to make a difference

3. Practice Asceticism

What do you think?  Still figuring out what I think.  I gotta stop watching these documentaries.


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