LL43: One Day of Learning

Recently, I heard an amazing leader speak on leadership and business.  He has been CEO of many organizations.  He’s lead companies who’s worth was over 500 billion dollars.  He’s quite qualified.

He shared so many fascinating leadership insights and lessons, but one that he shared that stood out to me was the need to spend at least one day a week – learning and strategizing.  One whole day of intentional strategizing is needed a week.

Strategy is not something that you do once a year.  Strategy is a weekly occurrence or it needs to be.  It will always be busy, and you will always have work to do tomorrow.  Spending the time to strategize and learn – one day a week – helps you to manage and lead much more effectively.

For my other Leadership Lessons….

4 thoughts on “LL43: One Day of Learning

    1. I heard his name, but had no idea how to spell it. He was a CEO of several tech companies. He was really sharp. I’ll try and figure out his last name.

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