Facebook as the Identity Structure of the Internet

About 6 years ago, everyone was talking about Identity 2.0.  You had an identity at all of the websites that you visited.  You had your eBay reputation, and your AIM screen name.  In fact, you created an identity at every website you visited.

Then all of these technologists started talking about how we can develop one identity that will basically be used at all of these sites.  You can control what people see and more specifically what the sites see.  There will be this one place where this identity sits and you can just take it to whatever site you want.  It’ll all be there, and back then, they were kinda all fighting to be that place.

Today, it seems like such a normal idea because Identity 2.0 exists on Facebook.  You take you Facebook credentials to every site that you want to – or at least to everywhere you want to take it.  You can even custom make how your profile experiences the sites that you visit.

Identity 2.0 isn’t dead. It’s just taken on a different from than they were thinking about 5-6 years ago.  If you do not have a Facebook presence yet, you will not have an identity online in the near future.  You will not be anyone because you’ll not have a Facebook identity.  It’ll become you.

Check out my Facebook Identity.

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