Why is it so Hard to Say “NO” to the Girl Scouts?

I heard people talk about this on the radio this am.  I also realize that yesterday was the last day that the cute little Girl Scouts can camp out at the grocery store doors and make you feel guilty for walking past them without a donation or a purchase.

Why is it so hard to say “NO”?

Well, my guess is that:

– They do such a great job, and they ask so nicely.

– The marketing is quite compelling.

– So are the cookies.

Honestly, I don’t know why it’s so hard to say “NO.”  It works.  It’s a part of their identity, and ultimately, it’s a part of ours as well – to get them cookies.  Have you ever heard someone describe themselves as a “thin mints” person or as a “samoa” person.  It’s hard to say “NO” because they tap into who we are.

I’m not a big fan of cookies myself.

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