Putting Your Stuff Out There

….can be so scary.

At one point, blogging was scary, but this will be my 993rd post.  You get used to it.  I got used to it.

I recorded a video podcast today.  It was scary.  I have made videos before, but this was our first attempt at it.  We’ll see how many we make, but I still had to struggle with the idea of putting ideas out there.  I’m scared.  The reason why is because I think I place my identity on to these ideas, and if someone were to critique or criticize my ideas, they are critiquing and criticizing me.  It’s hard to put our stuff out because in essence we are putting who we are – our identity – out there.  It is a scary place.

But it’s needed.  I need to put my stuff out there.  You need to put your stuff out there.  My video is not my identity.  My blog post is not my identity.  It might be a piece of me, but I’ll sacrifice a piece of me to get some ideas out there.

Thanks for reading.  Please – let me know how you put your stuff out there.


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